What to know about a happy ending massage in Bangkok?



Back in the day, massage therapists were looked down upon because the first impression that everyone got from them was that they were going to be giving happy ending massages to their clients. While this practice has been made illegal by spas and parlours worldwide, there are still many that haven’t stopped such services. So, what is a happy ending massage and what is it about them that make them so repulsive, as seen from the outside world?

What is it?

A Happy ending massage in Bangkok is basically something that takes place at the end of any normal massage routine. The catch here, though, is that the massage ends with physical, sexual contact between the customer and the masseuse. Usually, the sexual contact is in the form of a ‘hand-job’ and this kind of services can be made available to both men and women. However, it is usually the men who are the customers and not the other way around.

About happy ending massages in Bangkok

As mentioned before, such massages are illegal in nature and hence there is no direct mention on the menu of the parlour that such a service is available. The customers are informed of the availability of such a service with the aid of some tip-offs.

  • Usually, the name of the spa itself is an indication that such kinds of services are provided by them. For instance, “Pleasers Spa” is a name that you would normally associate with such massages.
  • Another tip off is basically the appearance of the spa or parlour itself. These are usually the ones with a neon sign saying “Open” or the ones who are really unwelcoming to look at and have an overall shady appearance.

At these kinds of establishments, the massage girls usually wear high heels and such eye-catching wardrobe. They will probably start off with a usual massage and without warning, they might flip you over and give you an unexpected hand-job. That may sound ridiculous but it is true and you will have to do a pretty in-depth search if you want to get hold of such a place.

What to know

While a Happy ending massage seems harmless enough (which it is), there are some other things that you need to be concerned about. For instance, many of these Bangkok massage parlours and spas are just used as a front for the ongoing prostitution inside. You will find a lot of them making the headlines of news for all the wrong reasons possible. Many of them are also shut down but a lot of them find their way back up somehow.

happy ending massage Bangkok

This is the core reason why a happy ending massage is illegal in most countries. Hence, you need to be careful about the spa which you pick because it might just turn out to be like something from the news. In such a scenario, you too are at risk. For instance, in America, if you try to send signals for such a massage to the masseuse or try to enforce yourself upon her, she is entitled to stop and put you in a hell lot of trouble. So, be careful.


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